Cougar Mountain Academy 
'for Children with High Expectations'  

June 29, 2015

Dear Students, Parents and Friends of Cougar Mountain Academy,

Dedicated to the individual development of each child, Cougar Mountain Academy has been on the leading edge of academic innovation for over a half a century.

Throughout the years the Academy instilled in every child the values of common sense, independent thinking, academic excellence, logic and unrelenting perseverance in pursuing a life worth living.

In spite of a rapidly changing world the Academy remained a bastion of stability, pursuing and never losing sight of its motto of ‘Excellentissima ratio Educandi’.

Many of the innovations pioneered and implemented by the Academy in the elementary grade levels have been embraced by other schools and now are part of elementary grades curriculum throughout the country.

The passage of time is humanity’s unrelenting master. The greatest musical masterpieces have a last note and the greatest literary masterpieces have a last word. It is with great pride and nostalgic feelings we declare that Cougar Mountain Academy is closing its doors, thus concluding an era of unsurpassed dedication and excellence.

The spirit and values of Cougar Mountain Academy shall live on through the thousands of young students, many now parents and grandparents, embracing the beauty of individual refinement and strength of character.

On behalf of more than a half century of precious time, Cougar Mountain Academy wishes the very best to those who have experienced and embraced the giving and nurturing spirit of the Academy throughout the years.

Warm regards,

Cougar Mountain Academy

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